You guys remember the 'Unicorn Frappuccino' from Starbucks? That's right, that magically colored, 450 calorie monstrosity that the coffee behemoth tried to pass off as a tasty beverage? Yes, my news feed and I had finally forgotten about it too, but Seattle's best couldn't lay dormant on social media for that long.

Tomorrow, Starbucks will unveil it's latest concoction, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino, in stores across the county. For all you basic Starbucks lovers out there squealing with excitement, yes that includes the Hubbard Ave, Pittsfield store right here in Berkshire County.  I called and checked, you can thank me later.

So what's in this thing, you ask? Does anyone really know what's in a Starbucks Frap? They say the blend will feature peach flavoring with a turquoise swirl topped with whipped cream and purple candy crystals. Will this sugary swirl surpass the Unicorn in calories? We can at least hope it does in the taste department. According to a few lucky baristas who sample the treat, reviews ranged from 'Delicious', to 'worth a try'.

For those of you clamoring to fill your IG story with shots of Starbucks trendiest new treat, beware, it will reportedly only be around from March 22nd through the 26th, or as supplies last.


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