The natural beauty of Massachusetts is something that residents and visitors enjoy year-round.

One of the things that make our landscape so beautiful is the variety of trees in the Commonwealth. They show signs of regrowth when covered in fresh green leaves in the spring, they provide a breathtaking palette of colors as the leaves change in the fall, and even the bare branches of winter possess a certain beauty when perfectly outlined with freshly fallen snow.

The USDA forest service says there are approximately 82 species of trees that have been observed in Massachusetts and one of the most prevalent and in fact largest trees in the state is the American Sycamore. While they might pale in comparison to the size of Redwood trees that call the west coast home, the largest tree in Massachusetts is in fact a Sycamore.

The "Buttonball Tree" located in Sunderland, Massachusetts, about an hour and 15 minutes from The Berkshires, is believed to be the largest tree of its kind on the East Coast, or as locals put it, "The widest tree this side of the Mississippi." While experts can exactly confirm that, most do agree that the Buttonball Tree is the largest in the state.

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Last measured in 2019, the tree is over 113 ft tall with a girth of 25 ft 8 in and a spread of 140 ft. The tree is actually a remnant of Sunderland's forests. Because of their longevity, during the 17th and 18th-century sycamores were sometimes planted at the door of new houses for newlyweds as "bride and groom" trees. Though the age of the tree is unknown, it is estimated to be well over 350 years old, with many estimates saying that the tree is closer to 400.

via Tman21901
via Tman21901


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