Last week, we learned what the most popular 'cheap' beer in Massachusetts is. As it is one of the most popular throughout the entire country, it wasn't that much of a surprise to learn that it was Bud Light. However, there are certainly some other regional favorites in New England that could very well be contenders for the 'most popular beer in Massachusetts'. No cheapness there, just the overall most popular beer in the Bay State.

Once again, the popular food and beverage publication, 'Eat This, Not That' did some research via the Top Data Beer Report in order to find what the most popular beer overall is in each state. This could have resulted in everything from local brews to popular domestic ales.

Before moving here earlier this month, if someone were to ask me what the most popular beer in Massachusetts might be, I would probably respond by saying, "Sam Adams", but I would be wrong.

As this turned out to be the most overall popular beer in the most states, in which it fits perfectly with its slogan 'The King of Beers', the most popular beer in all of Massachusetts is Budweiser.

In fact, 'Eat This, Not That' even said, "Sorry, Sam Adams!..." It seems as though no local brews even made the top five most popular beers either. It looks like the Bay State just wants to keep it simple with The King of Beers.

Regardless of whatever your beverage of choice is, drink responsibly and Cheers!

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