Jim Witherell (drums, vocals), Brian Benlien (guitar, keyboard, vocals), John Zarvis (guitar, vocals), and Rick Williams (bass, vocals), collectively, The Remedy, performed at Live On The Lake on Wednesday evening.

It was a great night for hundreds of concert goers and family fun seekers at Onota Lake with temperatures in the low '70s.

The one thing I noticed besides the collection of upbeat party hits, including a ton on the Live 95.9 playlist, was the overall sound of the band. Replicating the sound of a song live like it sounds on the album is hard to do with just four players; however, The Remedy pulled it off with gusto.

All the members played there part for sure, but I have to credit Benlien's keyboard for giving the band their full "big" sound. Well done. Live on the Lake concludes next week with the band Legal Tender.


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