City residents and passersby alike may have seen some new signage on the building at 381 Tyler St. in Pittsfield (formerly Subway).

Slater and Marjo spoke with Jon Vella, owner and operator of "The Spot" this morning on Live 95.9, along with employee Craig Spencer-Hopkins.

The two confirmed that a new smoothie and juice shop would be opening within a few weeks.

Acai bowls, smoothies, juices, health and wellness shots, and "some pieces of the west coast" will be the vibe of this very welcoming shop.

Vella, whose family is that of the former V's Doghouse, (now Brookhaus in Lanesborough), V's Laundromat, and V's Car Wash, also owns Dipitus Clothing, mainly offering shirts, hats, and other outerwear.

Vella and Spencer-Hopkins both had mentioned to Slater and Marjo that clothing will also be offered for sale inside the shop.

Spencer-Hopkins, who grow up just off Tyler St., is very excited to be a part of this project and the vibe that it will bring to revitalization of Tyler St. and the Morningside area.

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