Ok so you either owe money and want to hold onto it for as long as you can, or you are the definition of a procrastinator.  As of today (Monday 4-11) you have only 8 days left to file your state and federal tax returns or file for an extension.  This year the tax deadline is Monday, April 18th.  However here in the Berkshires and throughout the state, we get an extra day to file compared to the rest of the county.  If you live in Massachusetts the deadline to file both your federal and state returns is the next day Tuesday, April 19th.

According to the MassGov website, federal income tax returns are due the first business day following Emancipation Day which is celebrated in Washington D.C. on Friday the 15th.  So, for most Americans tax returns have to be postmarked or digitally sent by Monday the 18th.  Because Massachusetts celebrates Patriot’s Day on Monday the 18th, an extra day is granted to Massachusetts residents to file both their federal and state personal income tax returns.


If you can’t complete your filing by the April 19th deadline you must at least file for an extension by that date.  If that is your course of action the extended deadline to file is Monday, October 17th.

If you’ve already completed and filed your return you were probably a bit dismay when it came to the amount of state income taxes you’re paying.  Once living in “Tax-Free” New Hampshire I set out to find all the states without an income tax.  According to Forbes, there are a total of 9 states without an income tax in the country.  The aforementioned New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming are the 9 states listed.

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