Halloween is over, so that means it's time to start getting ready for the holiday season everywhere, but especially in Massachusetts! Something that has become synonymous with the holiday seasons over the years has been Hallmark Christmas movies! While there have been plenty of those already either filmed in, or taking place in Massachusetts, there has never been one in the western region of the Bay State. So, let's talk about some spots there that would be perfect for a Hallmark Christmas movie!

It's unfortunate that the idea has never been visited about going to the western side of the Bay State for a Hallmark Christmas movie. We have all the perfect backdrops! Think about it!

That being said, if you have ever seen a Hallmark Christmas movie, you know the basic plot. It's typically a female as the central character who has a great career in the big city (usually New York, Chicago, or L.A.), but then she reluctantly needs to go back to her hometown for the holidays, which is usually a much smaller city or town, and then she falls for a guy that has become the hometown hero since he never left home and seems to be a relatively nice guy (our condolences to the big city boyfriend that the main character totally ditches). And all this is of course, is centered around Christmas.

So, given the climate, the unique downtown setting of these towns on the western side of the state, and the fact that they have never used this region for any of these settings, why not film one of those Hallmark Christmas movies in the Berkshires? They could even visit each one of these towns just in one movie if they needed. I'm sure Candance Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar, or any traditional actress starring in Hallmark Christmas movies wouldn't mind coming to any of the following towns...

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