As all of us Berkshire County residents are well aware, our beautiful area is a regular stomping ground for leaf-peepers during that wonderful time of year when autumn begins and the foliage begins to turn.

However, one Berkshire County town, in particular, has been specially named as one of the best small towns in the country for fall foliage. I don't think I really gave you a hint there by using the word "small", either. There are lots of small towns scattered throughout the Berkshires.

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So if you had to guess, which town would it be? Before I give you the answer, let's take a look at who actually bestowed this honor of one of the best small towns for fall foliage on one of our own here in the Berkshires.

Trips To Discover, the #1 travel discovery platform and website, recently put together a list of small towns across the country that they feel are not only great for fall foliage gazing but also offer plenty of other reasons to visit.

And the small town in Massachusetts they say is one of the best in the country for fall foliage? That town would be Stockbridge.

Image Courtesy Facebook
Image Courtesy Facebook

Not just home to the Red Lion Inn, the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Berkshire Botanical Garden, the Naumkeeg Mansion, and the Stockbridge Bowl, Stockbridge offers great shopping and most importantly, terrific fall foliage.

Trips To Discover ranked Stockbridge at #12 in their listing of the 15 Best Small Towns in the U.S. For Fall Foliage. And we Berkshire residents sure do appreciate it. Other small towns from New England that also made the cut include Stowe, Vermont(#3), Camden, Maine(#4), Sugar Hill, New Hampshire(#6), and Kent, Connecticut(#15).

Take a look at the rankings yourself by visiting Trips To Discover's website here.

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