Massachusetts has several great burger joints throughout the state. This is something that can go a little overlooked, since it's not as if burgers are the very first popular food you think of when you think of the most popular New England foods. However, that doesn't mean they don't exist here. There's even one that's exclusive to Massachusetts which is now being called the best burger joint in the Bay State.

The popular lifestyle publication, '24/7 Wall St.', released a list of the Best Burger Joints in Every StateIt may be time to add another must-stop to any road trips you might be taking through Massachusetts.

Using results extrapolated from the likes of popular food publications 'Food & Wine', 'Yelp', 'The Daily Meal', 'Eater', and 'Thrillist', the list was able to narrow down the results for each state's best burger joint.

What is the Best Burger Joint in Massachusetts?

If you happen to be passing through the town of West Springfield or Holyoke, that is where you will find the spot that is the best burger joint in Massachusetts, at White Hut.

Here's what '24/7 Wall St.' had to say about why White Hut was named as the best burger joint in Massachusetts:

White Hut serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast they have standard fare like omelettes and platters full of bacon and carbs. For lunch and dinner they serve “hamburgs” and “cheeseburgs,” hot dogs, and sides, along with desserts like ice cream, milkshakes, and floats. Their burgers are smothered in cheese, onions, and more.

White Hut's social media also shows off pretty much all their menu items as well:

Now, you can hit up either the White Hut in West Springfield or Holyoke, especially if you are wanting something from what is known as the 'best burger joint in Massachusetts.'

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