The geographical location of where you reside in the U.S. largely predicts what vehicle you will end up purchasing. Here in Massachusetts, snowy weather is probably a major factor. A front wheel drive, economical, car will suffice for some, but a 4X4 truck is necessary for others.

This Is Massachusetts' #1 Most Popular Vehicle

The perfect combination of car and truck is the ever popular SUV, and the Honda CRV is the most popular vehicle in Massachusetts. The ranking consists of new and used purchases.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is popular in Massachusetts due to its combination of spaciousness, practicality, and fuel efficiency. With the state's high population density, many drivers are looking for a vehicle that can comfortably accommodate their families and cargo while still being easy to maneuver in tight urban spaces.


The CR-V's spacious interior and cargo area, along with its comfortable ride and impressive safety ratings, make it a popular choice for families and commuters alike. Additionally, the CR-V's fuel efficiency means that it's a cost-effective choice for drivers dealing with the state's high gas prices. Overall, the Honda CR-V is a versatile vehicle that meets the needs of many drivers in Massachusetts.

The Honda CR-V is also available in as a hybrid model. Massachusetts Governor Baker signed a bill stating that by 2035, all new vehicles sold in the state must be electric. The appetite for electric vehicles is just not there yet, however, with less than 1% of the market purchasing them.

There are approximately 278M vehicles registered in the U.S. and Massachusetts is ranked third lowest in the country in terms of households with more than one vehicle. New York and Washington D.C. are the only two lower.

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