If you're someone who enjoys a good steak dinner, Massachusetts has its fair share of great steak joints that serve up some of the most delicious steak dinners you could ask for. Sure, the Bay State is known for having some of the best seafood in the country, but don't sleep on the steakhouses here no matter what type of dish you're craving. And now, there's a spot that has recently earned the title of the best steakhouse in Massachusetts.

Recently, the popular publication known as '24/7 Tempo' released their article, The Best Steakhouse in Every State. Using ratings and reviews from several food publications, '24/7 Tempo' was able to narrow down the spot in Massachusetts that would hold that title. So, where would you find the best steakhouse in Massachusetts?

It might be no surprise that for the best steakhouse in the Bay State, you would have to venture out east. But not quite all the way to Boston, but instead, in one of its suburbs. It might also not be that much of a surprise that this particular steakhouse is not just known for its amazing steaks, but it also has some incredible seafood. The spot that has been named the best steakhouse in Massachusetts is in Burlington at The Bancroft.

The publication '24/7 Tempo' had this to say about why The Bancroft was chosen as the best steakhouse in Massachusetts:

A modern-style steakhouse that calls itself “edgy and urban,” The Bancroft acknowledges its New England location with such starters as lobster and smoked haddock stew and fried Ipswich whole belly clams. The steaks come in seven variations, not counting a skirt steak with charred avocado and chipotle butter. Hot Roquefort butter and red wine salt are among the garnishes offered.


As you can see, and almost taste through the pictures, this joint serves up a variety of steaks that might already have you salivating just from the looks of it. The Burlington spot at 15 3rd Ave is just one more must-try spot if you're wanting a great steak!

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