If you're the type to get a refund every year, you probably file as soon as you can. I know I do. In fact, all the tax forms are starting to roll in. I checked the mail yesterday and there was a stack of envelopes (all tax return related), tis the season.

For the purpose of this post, though, we'll talk property tax rates. You know, the little extra you pay in your mortgage each month, or maybe your property is paid off and you get the quarterly bill.

Your actual tax bill can fluctuate a bit depending on the value of your home and of course, the tax rate.

This Massachusetts Town Has The Highest Tax Rate


Massachusetts communities that pay the highest effective property tax rates are Longmeadow ($24.64 per $1,000), Wendell ($23.24/$1,000) and Greenfield ($22.32/$1,000). -


What Town Has The Lowest Tax Rate In Massachusetts?

Chilmark. (On Martha's Vineyard).

Boasting a rate of $2.82 per $1,000.

Hancock( Berkshire County) is very low as well, at $3.00 per $1000.

This post is about Massachusetts' highest tax rate which doesn't necessarily equate to the highest tax bill. The combination of your city or town's tax rate and your home's actual value will determine what you pay. Some of you reading this might have just exclaimed, "Yeah, no kidding".

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