The reboot of Unsolved Mysteries is currently the top-streamed program on Netflix, and with good reason. From unexplained deaths to missing persons to paranormal phenomena, the program has breathed new life into the 33-year-old franchise while maintaining the spirit – and a great new version of the theme song – of the original.

One of the six new episodes is entitled “Berkshires UFO” and it recounts the story of the September 1, 1969 incident in which multiple people reported coming in contact with an unexplained flying object across a small corner of the Berkshire mountains, in the towns of Great Barrington and Sheffield.

One of those who recounts his experience for the cameras is Thom Reed, who on that night was riding in the back seat of his mother’s car, along with his brother, as his mother drove and his grandmother sat in the front passenger seat. They were driving through a covered bridge when the car was filled with inexplicable light despite it being after 9 p.m. The next thing they knew, three hours had passed and they were now over a mile away from where they had previously been, with his mother now in the passenger seat and his grandmother – who never drove – behind the wheel.

Thom Reed’s story is an incredible one.

In 2018, Reed shared his story on WBSM’s Spooky Southcoast, recounting that the 1969 incident was actually the third time he and his brother had encountered a UFO, although it was by far the most significant.

In 1966, the two boys saw a craft they described as looking like “a turtle shell” on the ground.

“It almost had panels of some sort. It was about 60 feet around,” Reed said. “We did not see any landing gear or windows. It looked completely sealed.”

The two boys again saw the same craft in 1967, but Reed described the craft that led to his family’s alleged abduction in 1969 as looking more like “an upside-down Hershey’s Kiss.”

The UFO sighting of 1969 was eventually recognized with a historic monument and a proclamation from Governor Charlie Baker, but the monument was later removed. During the Spooky Southcoast episode below, not only does Reed share his family’s UFO experiences, but Judge Kevin Titus joins the conversation to discuss the legalities involved with the monument.

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