With the warmer weather here, you're probably planning on doing some swimming and Massachusetts has plenty of beautiful lakes to choose from including Walden Pond in Concord, Lake Mansfield in Great Barrington, Lake Onota in Pittsfield, Lake Massapoag in Sharon, Quaboag Pond located between East Brookfield and Brookfield and the list goes on and on. There's no doubt that Massachusetts really does have some beautiful lakes for swimming and other recreational activities. Swimming in natural bodies of water is one of my favorite summer activities.

Have You Ever Heard of the Bug Known as the "Toe-Biter?" It Can be found throughout Massachusetts and Other States. 

One thing that I have never heard of that can be found in freshwater including on the edges of lakes and in ponds, marshes, creeks, and slow-moving streams not only in Massachusetts but throughout parts of the United States and southern Canada is a giant insect dubbed the Toe-Biter a.k.a."Giant Water Bug." The insect's technical name is Lethocerus americanus and though does not want to be near humans the bug can and will bite your toes. Even though they inject venom into their prey, humans will be okay but the bite is very painful. On top of that, this insect can fly. I have included some informational videos about the "Toe-Biter" below.

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So make sure you pay attention to where you are walking and swimming this summer. You may just want to wear some hefty water shoes when taking a dip. Do they make steel-toed watershoes?

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