It very much is officially that time of year for Halloween as we are entering the Fall season on Thursday (September 22nd). As the calendar and weather changes, so does the atmosphere as we await the October holiday to create the spooky atmosphere that comes along with it. And while there are certainly plenty of spooky stories throughout Massachusetts and its long history, it happens to be home to two of the best haunted historic houses in all of New England.

The popular travel publication, 'The Travel', recently listed the 'Best Haunted Historic Houses in New England', and Massachusetts has two that are equally just as terrifying, given their history.

In fact, one of those is said to be the oldest, and most haunted house. As for its history, you know there's lots of it since it's been around since 1637. It is the Fairbanks House in Dedham, MA. Here's what 'The Travel' had to say about the house:

Built around 1637, the Fairbanks House is the historic family homestead of the Fairbanks Family. Eight generations of the prolific family--who's extended descendants included national politicians, merchants, and gentlemen farmers--lived in the home for over 260 years. But they also had some dark, not-so-secret family affairs. A highly publicized Georgian-era lovers' murder, as well as suspected demonic activity in the house, were blights on the family that allegedly still haunt the house today. For the last one hundred years, the house has been open to the public so visitors can learn about the Fairbanks Family and historic homestead...and also of its sordid past.

Somehow that house actually does look like something you might see in a horror movie. Not a campy one either, a good one.

From May through October, the Fairbanks House is open for tours on the weekends, but there's no walk-ins! You must register to visit 24 hours in advance. The inside contains hex mark etchings on the walls, as well as bedroom doors that only lock from the outside. Yikes!

As for the other aforementioned haunted historic house in Massachusetts, we travel to Fall River. It's The Historic Lizzie Borden House. 'The Travel' gave a brief historic summary of what happened there:

"Lizzie Borden took an ax, gave her mother 40 whacks..." well, her stepmother at least. Lizzie Borden may very well be America's most infamous accused murderess. She was charged in 1892 for the brutal ax slaying of her father and stepmother, Andrew and Abby Borden, inside their family home. Though she was found not guilty, sleuths throughout history up to the present still try to puzzle out America's famous who-done-it. Today, the site of the grizzly double murder is now a bed and breakfast and ghostly true-crime museum where doors are said to move on their own, shadowy figures move in the basement, and artifacts shift and change locations without anyone touching them.

If you'd like to tour, it is open daily and nightly for just that. You can also book rooms at the Inn through their website. Of course, if you do book a room, the price range is around $250 to $300 per night. The tours range from $25 to $35 per person, according to 'The Travel'.

But there you have it. You may have to make a bit of a drive, but those are two of the best haunted historic houses in all of New England to visit this Halloween season! They happen to be right here, in Massachusetts!

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