We're pretty spoiled with some amazing restaurants and eateries throughout Massachusetts. And it seems as though the Bay State is just going to continue to add on to the ever-growing list of great food spots we already have throughout the state. That includes a Massachusetts spot that's opened just a while back and is quickly making a name for itself in its local community. The restaurant has also been named as one of the "Best New Restaurants in America".

The popular lifestyle publication 'Esquire' has released its annual list of The Best New Restaurants in AmericaThere was one restaurant that showed up on the list from Massachusetts, which has already made some unique history of its own. In 41 years of 'Esquire' putting together their lists of the best new restaurants in America, this particular spot in Massachusetts is the first kosher restaurant ever to make the list.

What is the Massachusetts restaurant that made the list for "best new restaurants in America"?

In Somerville, MA, there is a recently opened restaurant that serves Jewish cuisine. The spot opened up during this past Spring, and is a tavern known as Lehrhaus. The name of the spot is German for "house of learning".

One of 'Esquire's food editors, Joshua David Stein gave an incredibly glowing review of the new Jewish restaurant and explained why Lehrhaus earned its spot among the best new restaurants in America:

I’ve been to thousands of restaurants in the past couple of years, but I hadn’t truly felt at home until I walked into Lehrhaus, a Jewish tavern and house of learning. Maybe it was the Lactaid dispenser. Maybe it was the mural of Leonard Cohen above the hand dryer in the men’s room. Or the conversation at the bar: Henry James on one side, refundability of plane tickets to Miami on the other. Could have been the Samsonian bartender’s “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” T-shirt or the mensch-seeks-mensch meetup in the library. More than likely it was the food—chef Alex Artinian’s and chef Noah Clickstein's celebration of Jewish diasporic cuisine. Both Ashkenazim and Sephardim are represented. Deviled eggs, haminados-style, are aged in coffee and topped with pickled mustard seeds. A herring tartine comes with the bright spice of pickled peppers alongside the silvery fish. A golden fish-and-chips made with day-boat-caught pollack and accompanied by amba vinegar, a s’chug aioli, and Old Bay seasoning seems secular. But as the Talmudic menu informs, Old Bay was invented by Gustav Brunn, a Jewish German refugee, in 1939. It is both delicious and a revelation.

Co-founder Joshua Foer recently told Boston.com how the restaurant can bring cultural importance to the Greater Boston community:

One of the things that we’re proud of is, this is not just a place for Jewish people. This is for everybody. Especially in a moment when there’s so much anti-Semitism in the world, we’re proud to have a place that shines and shows the world the best of Jewish culture.

Lehrhaus is at 425 Washington Street in Somerville and you check out their full menu at the link provided here. After all, they are one of the best new restaurants in America. They definitely seem worth a stop during the next time you're in Somerville.

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