Valentine's Day is right around the corner and you might be looking for a little romance in your life.

Whether or not you're celebrating with someone new or rekindling the romance with your lifelong love, everyone in Massachusetts is looking to spice things up for the romantic holiday.

Massachusetts has tons of options for romantic getaways, even in the dead of winter, but what great city in the Bay State has the most romance to offer? Well, I guess the answer certainly depends on who you ask.

Four Most Romantic Cities in Massachusetts

Homes to Go gave their take on the most romantic cities in Massachusetts and they came up with the following:


  • Martha's Vineyard


The best place for a quick winter getaway with that special someone is Martha's Vineyard. Although it's known for its sunny beaches this island is picturesque in the winter as well and has tons of boutique shopping and local art galleries for cold days. Relax on a romantic getaway in Massachusetts by visiting this chic coastal paradise.

  • Boston


While Boston might not be the first place you think of when you hear the word romantic, the historic city has plenty of rich activities on offer. The food and wine scene in Boston is top notch with hundreds of world-renowned restaurants with views of the city skyline. "Music lovers can enjoy all kinds of spots, from intimate acoustic cafes to jazz jams with legendary performers. Or if you're into nature, you can always take a walk along the grassy fields in the Jamaica Plain Arboretum." - Homes to Go 

  • Plymouth

"This town is known for its history and quaint vibe. Stroll along the Brewster Gardens with your partner, or visit Plymouth Plantation to learn more about the pilgrims who first settled there. Whale watching is a truly unique way to make your romantic getaway in Massachusetts memorable." - Homes to Go 

  • Nantucket

This sister island to Martha's Vineyard offers winter romance as well, "Nantucket is straight from your favorite romance novel. Go for some fresh halibut or other seafood dishes at a cozy restaurant, or just take a walk along the shoreline at sunset. Rent a bike with your date and head to the lighthouse, for a romantic picnic." - Homes to Go 


So there you have it, take it from the experts, these Massachusetts cities and towns are perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

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