There are certain items you should never carry on you in today's society. All too often valuable information is too easily available to nefarious characters. I sometimes can be too cavalier when it comes to things like this.


MA Residents Need To Protect Themselves

Synthetic Fraud is on the rise...

Synthetic fraud is a complex form of identity theft in which the thing being imitated is a person. A fraudster combines a stolen Social Security Number (SSN) and fake information, such as a false name, incorrect address, made-up date of birth or new phone number to create a false identity. It’s one of the most difficult forms of fraud to monitor and catch because fraudsters will sometimes take years to build good credit using a fake profile before making final fraudulent charges and abandoning the identity (called “busting out”).


Lately I've been carrying around a blank check in my wallet. Sounds dumb, right? Back in the day I suppose you could get away with it. What I mean by that is, at most, someone would steal your blank check, forge it, and possibly get some money.

Today, someone could steal your identity. On your check is your name, address, bank routing number, and checking account number in full.

MA Residents Should Never Carry These Items

1. Blank Checks

I used to keep one folded up check in my wallet. Not a good idea. There are other means to pay people via apps on your phone. Venmo, etc...


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2. Your social security card.

This should be a no brainer. You only need this in a legit proof of identity situation.

Social Security Card

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3. Too many credit cards.

One is fine? Visa or Mastercard? This not only thickens your wallet, but puts you at risk of some major theft.

Multiple Credit Cards

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4. Your spare house key.

Get an electronic door keypad!

Spare House Key

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5. Old Receipts

Although your complete credit card information may not be on here, there is enough for the professionals to phish for more information.


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