The members of the band have dubbed it 'The Whiskey City Curse'.

It seemed for a long time that whenever Whiskey City was scheduled for an outdoor gig, without fail, it would rain. "Want to guarantee rain? Just book Whiskey City", Randy Cormier half joked as the band arrived to set up. Before yesterday's concert, Whiskey City had been booked for seven Live on The Lake shows, but had only played three due to weather cancellations.

For most of the day Wednesday, the forecast predicted that streak would continue. But then, the miraculous happened. Beth Maturevich, singer for Whiskey City, came on Slater and Marjo in the Morning and asked one thousand listeners to do a 'no rain dance'.  Apparently, it worked. Right around 5:30 in the afternoon, the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and we actually had sunshine! It should be said that most of the band's fans that I spoke with, said they didn't care if it rained or not, they were there for Whiskey City, rain or shine.

The country rock group draws crowds up and down Berkshire County, something Beth accredits to the closeness of the band.
We're like a family. We genuinely all love each other, and I think that translates of the stage, and to the crowd.
Beth Maturevich
The group, made up of Randy Cormier, Frank Algerio, Beth Maturevich, Dale Zavatter, Jason Webster and Darren Todd have been playing together for years, and their energy and enthusiasm show it. The band kicked things off with Little Big Town's Pontoon, an ode to the cluster of boats on the shores of Onota, and got the fans dancing with county favorites like Chicken Fried and Wagon Wheel, classic rock hits like Sweet Home Alabama and Summer of '69, and even surprised the crown with some pop hits, including a cover of Alice Merton's, No Roots.
So let this week be a listen to all you Live on The Lake fans, we will do everything in our power to make sure these concerts happen! Don't let a little rain scare you, and never assume the show is cancelled.
Check out some pics from the show.



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