The other day I took my daughter to a playground in Pittsfield and noticed that I was getting bit by mosquitos. I didn't think that I would have to worry about mosquitos this late into October but I was wrong.

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Another Person in Massachusetts Was Recently Treated for West Nile Virus

In addition to my recent experience,  a fifth person in Massachusetts was recently treated for West Nile Virus as he was likely exposed in Hampden County.

Not only can mosquitos cause West Nile Virus in humans the insects can also cause a variety of deadly diseases which is why you shouldn't take mosquito activity lightly. It's important to protect yourself.

Again, it's important to take West Nile virus seriously. Remember to wear long clothes when spending extended lengths of time outside, and make sure you use insect repellant with DEET. For more mosquito prevention tips go here. Once cooler temperatures kick in (below 50) mosquito activity should cease but in the meantime keep in mind that prevention is key.

READ ON: Here are some other tips to deter mosquito activity.

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