April showers bring May flowers is the old saying correct? I'm seeing July on the calendar but it seems more like April with all of the wet weather we have been receiving in the Berkshires and throughout Western Massachusetts lately. Sure, we may get lucky and get a day here or there where we can enjoy some sunshine but recently that scenario has been few and far between lately at least in terms of a full day without rain.

Will The Weather be Any Dryer in Western Massachusetts for the Month of August?

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the month of August will still have a fair share of showers for residents of the Berkshires and Western Massachusetts. For the periods of August 1-7, August 10-15, August 16-22 and August 25-31 we can expect a mix of showers and thunderstorms with the average temperature for the month clocking in at  69° which is roughly 2° above average.

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There's no doubt that it's been a wet summer and it appears that theme is going to continue during the month of August. This means we'll have to take what we can get and really take advantage of those days that are warm and sunny. Are you longing for sunny days or do you not mind the wet weather? Stay dry.

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