As summer in Berkshire County continues to press forward, we're coming across some entertaining videos of animals out in nature including this video of an owl caught on camera taking a bath. Obviously, these animals are going about their everyday business but I wonder if they sense there's a camera on them. I wonder this because it seems like they give us a little extra cuteness knowing that it's time to pose for the I'm sure that's not the case but it is fun to think about.

These Massachusetts Animals are Doing Some Fun and Entertaining Things on Camera

Many of these fun, cute, up close, and personal videos of nature's finest are made possible by Sally Naser of CR Wildlife Cams as she has the equipment and the know-how to capture our friends on video and in many cases catch them in acts that are funny and downright adorable.

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You Have to Check Out This Western Massachusetts Bear that Was Captured on Camera (See Video Below) 

One video (see below) that we're featuring thanks to Sally is a throwback Thursday video from 2021. In the video, you'll see a bear in the water in Western Massachusetts having a good time playing and wrestling with a stick. Folks on Facebook are loving this video as the post has received over 20k likes/loves, over 500 comments, and 2.1k shares. This is really a fun video to check out, especially if you are having a down day or if you just want something fun to quickly view (approximately 1 minute) while you're enjoying your morning breakfast. Either way, this video will bring a smile to your face and put you in a good mood for sure. It's great entertainment for sure. Check out the video below.

Thank you Sally for sharing this on Facebook. It certainly made my morning.

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