Paul Breault has been carrying mail in Pittsfield, MA for about three years now. A young kid on his route has been patiently waiting for a gift to arrive in his mailbox but hasn't yet.

Breault, because that's the type of guy he is, took matters into his own hands.

The following is from his social media page

So this little kid keeps waiting for me everyday on my route for the mail with his mom looking over him... today I finally said to the mom, " What's he waiting for?"

She said his aunt was suppose to send him at RC car for his birthday...But she forgot or is not..

I told her, " make sure he's there tomorrow...I'll make it happen... think he will like it? 😁😁

-Paul Breault on Facebook

Paul Breault Facebook
Paul Breault Facebook

Local folks were abuzz on Facebook with their reactions:

  • A special thank you to a very special USPS worker, who goes above and beyond his duties.
  • You definitely are a ray of sunshine! It is always so nice to see your smiling face when I come out to get tje mail!! We love you paul!!
  • Paul is the BEST! He always goes above & beyond for his customers.
  • You are a real sweetheart. That was such an awesome thing to do.
  • Absolutely!!! You are amazing!! That kid will never forget your kindness!!
  • The world needs more people like you! You made that kids day!
  • You're one of the good ones, my friend. That kid is going to be so happy!

E-commerce is massively popular and USPS, FedEx, and UPS delivery people alike are working harder than ever and to see a story like this is just awesome.

Way to go, Paul!

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