I've never feared the doctor or getting my blood pressure taken until I was 29. I was dealing with some anxiety issues and could literally feel my blood pressure rising as I walked into the office.

The nurse was like, "Oh, I'm sure your blood pressure is fine". Famous. Last. Words.

It was 180/110. I thought they were gonna admit me! Lol. It did come down when I saw the doctor, but ever since then I cannot get past my fear of having my blood pressure taken. I legit have to tell the nurse not to take it even if I feel fine. It's embarrassing.

I know, "white coat hypertension", I know all about it. It got to a point where I, at 29 years old mind you, had to buy my own friggin' blood pressure machine at CVS. When no one is looking, I'm fine. 118/78, baby!

Needles? No problem.

Vaccines, not an issue. Lidocaine at the dentist? No problem. I have no fear of needles whatsoever. Marjo on the other hand, she HATES them...


Answers to 25 common COVID-19 vaccine questions

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