Check this out, Berkshire County. News recently surfaced regarding the sales of luxury goods in the U.S. It's a HUGE number already and it's expected to reach $100 Billion by the year 2025!

Unfortunately for myself (and almost everyone I know), I can't afford to buy any luxury goods right now (and probably never). That doesn't mean we can't dream, right? Many of us (yes, myself included) on occasion like to dream big so we hit the internet and conduct online searches for these "high-end" brands that we would love to buy if only we could afford them.

You know the brand names I'm referring to, right? Gucci. Ralph Lauren. Patagonia. Balenciaga. Armani. Prada. Versace. The list goes on...The team at the leading marketplace for luxury watches, Chrono24, conducted a study that looked at the luxury brands that had the largest following in the U.S.

The Chrono24 team also highlighted the high-end brands that dominated online searches in every state and the end results for Massachusetts were very interesting. The most searched-for luxury brand for residents of Massachusetts is none other than Louis Vuitton with a total of 74,000 searches on average every month!

According to Chrono24, here are the top 5 high-end brands that dominate monthly searches in the Commonwealth:

  1. Louis Vuitton
  2. Patagonia
  3. The North Face
  4. Balenciaga
  5. Gucci

As I mentioned above, we can dream, right? Thanks for the cool study, Chrono24! Check out the website here.

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