St. Martin's Church on the corner of Benedict Road and Dalton Avenue in Pittsfield is among numerous churches than have closed in the city in the past few years, but it also is now joins a list of those churches that are set to be re-purposed.

While St. Mary's The Morning Star Church on Tyler Street, and The Holy Family Church on the corner of Seymour and Wahconah Streets in Pittsfield will both be re-purposed for market rate housing, St. Martin's new use will be all about the kids.

Local business owner Melissa Fawcett has announced she will be moving her preschool, Ready Set Learn, to the defunct church at 133 Dalton Avenue.  Fawcett says the preschool, currently operating at 19 Virginia Avenue in Pittsfield will relocate as of September of this year.  The new location will be home to full day preschool for children three to five years of age, including one 3 year old program and two 4 year old programs, with all curriculums aligning with Pittsfield Public Schools.

In addition to the relocation of the current school, Fawcett plans to build a new playground on property.  With the philosophy that play is just as important for learning for young children, Fawcett is looking to purchase a commercial grade structure for students to enjoy each day during recess. Ready, Set, Learn is looking to fundraise part or all of the costs for this important feature. Donations can be made via the preschool's Go Fund Me page. Owner Melissa Fawcett can be contacted at (413) 464-7155, or visiting their website.


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