With Valentine's Day less than 24 hours away, you might still be looking for the perfect way to show that special someone how you feel.

Maybe your sweetheart says that flowers are a waste of money, maybe jewelry just isn't in your budget, and maybe, just maybe, your significant other doesn't like chocolate? (Hey, it's possible) Maybe you're in the early stages of something new and you want to send them something that says, 'hey I think you're pretty rad', but you don't want to scare them off because you've only hung out once or twice? Maybe, you're feeling like you might be in the friend zone and you want to test the waters with something fun? For all those maybes, I say what about a heart shaped pizza?

Now, I'm definitely not one to pass out relationship advice, but I can say for certain I'd be much more excited if a heart shaped pizza showed up at my door than a dozen roses! Not only is pizza perhaps one of the most delicious foods on earth (honestly, who doesn't like pizza?!) but you just can't help but smile at a heart shaped pie. Bonus, it's just as Instagram-able as flowers, just saying #foodporn.

By now I'm sure I've convinced you that heart shaped pizza is the way to go, so where do you go to get one locally? Look no further Papa Joe's Ristorante on Newell Street in Pittsfield, who will be serving up custom heart shaped pies all this week.  Regardless of when you want your love to enjoy their special delivery, they've got you covered. Any day between Feb. 11-15, you can get an two topping homemade heart shaped pizza, with Papa Joe's signature Italian cookies for just $18.99. What a deal?!



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