If you are looking for something fun and entertaining for the kids and yourself this weekend, Great Barrington Rotary's Truck Day/Pumpkin Fest event is a fine option. In the past, Truck Day has been held during the month of May, but this year you'll be getting the fall version which is a big win. Why you ask? Because this year, you're getting a bonus as Pumpkin Fest will be combined with Truck Day. That's right, you're basically getting two events for the price of one.

Kids love Great Barrington Rotary's Truck Day Event

I've been to a number of Truck Day events in the past and let me tell you the kids absolutely love it. Truck Day was designed for kids as they can climb on all sorts of trucks, sit inside and honk the horns. Plus, an old beat-up vehicle is usually on-premises for youngsters to paint up and make a mess of...a child's dream. Heck, even adults can get into that fun without hesitation.

What activities will be offered at this year's Great Barrington Rotary Truck Day/Pumpkin Fest event? 

This year Great Barrington Rotary's Truck Day/Pumpkinfest event will be held this Sunday, Oct. 17 at Ski Butternut on 380 State Road in Great Barrington from 10 am - 3 pm. Nobody will complain about being bored as there will once again be vehicles for families to explore including race cars. There will be games, a silent auction & raffles, a giant pumpkin drop (which is at 2 pm), pumpkin painting, even a duck race. Not to mention there will be food & drinks galore along with face painting opportunities for the kids.

Check out the photos below from past Truck Day events to get an idea of the fun that is in store for you this Sunday. Don't forget, this year's event will be even more fun as Pumpkin Fest will be a part of the festivities. Admission fee and additional details follow the photo gallery. 

Truck Day is All About Fun for the Kids (Past Events)

What's the admission fee? Where do I buy tickets? How do I get more information on Great Barrington Rotary's Truck Day/ Pumpkin Fest event?

The admission for the Great Barrington Rotary Truck Day/Pumpkin Fest event is $15 per carload.

Duck Race entrance fee: $5 for one duck or five ducks for $20 (CASH Prize)

Tickets: Available from any Rotarian OR on Truck Day

More Information: Alice Naylor (413) 854-3511 or email: anaylor@wamc.org

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