Thanksgiving is next Thursday and fanatics of the holiday season are already contemplating when to hang their Christmas lights. Is it me, or does it seem to get earlier and earlier when folks get their tree and/or hang their lights?

If nothing else, the 1989 movie "Christmas Vacation" will inspire you to really go crazy with Christmas lights. It can be a competition in one's neighborhood. Sort of like well kept lawns, come winter, a well lit house is during the holidays is a source of pride. Just ask Clark W. Griswold.

Christmas Lights Bring Christmas Spirit
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As of Monday afternoon, I haven't seen TOO many homes with Christmas lights on them, but I'm sure that will change soon.

Speaking of well lit homes, there was a house in Peabody, Massachusetts, where people would literally line up to view the Christmas display. This was in the mid '90s and I apologize I cannot remember the street name, but the family might be still doing it.

We Often Hear Of People Hanging Lights, Trimming Their Tree Too EARLY, But What About Folks Who Leave Their Lights/Tree Up Too LONG?

My good friend Mike's family leaves their Christmas tree up ALL YEAR. I'd never heard of that, but, apparently it's a thing for some people! Of course, being inside the house, passersby probably aren't bothered by this, but what about outside Christmas lights?

I couldn't find any funky Massachusetts law prohibiting lights being left up too long, BUT... Maine has one!

Many states and municipalities in the United States have laws regulating how long you’re allowed to keep your Christmas lights up after Christmas. In San Diego, you have until February 2. Scofflaws face cash fines of $250. In Maine, fines may be levied any time after January 15.

Would you like to fine your Massachusetts neighbor?

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