You know it's one thing to steal from other adults but when two grown individuals steal from a young child, that is just downright awful and depressing. Amanda Desautels of Pittsfield shared on her Facebook page, a video of two adults trespassing on her property and then one of the two wheeling away her son's dirt bike in the 3 a.m. hour on July 7. Who would do this to a 7-year-old boy. Perhaps there's more to the story than we know?

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Amanda did write on her Facebook page the following:

If ANYONE sees this dirtbike in the pictures below, PLEASE let us know ASAP! Tuesday at 3 AM, these two verrrry useless wastes of oxygen stole my 7 year old sons dirtbike from our garage.

You can view the video by going here.

Photos of the dirt bike are included below:

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