Here’s an update on a story we published in the middle of February following Tom Brady’s playoff loss to the L.A. Rams.  At that time, we asked if any Tom Brady fan living in the Berkshires would spend a boat-load of money on the very last ball thrown by TB for a touchdown during that February playoff game? The ball is up for auction at Lelands Sports Memorabilia and Auction House and is expected to fetch up to 1-million bucks when the auction comes to an end on Saturday at 10 pm.

Any Brady Fan in the Berkshires Bidding on his Last Touchdown Football?

The football was thrown by Brady and caught by Mike Evans for a 55-yard touchdown late in the 4th quarter in the playoff game against the Rams. Evans tossed the ball into the stands and was caught by a lucky fan now looking to cash in according to Lelands. Lelands added “Tom Brady having given no formal indication that he was retiring at the conclusion of the Buccaneers’ season, no one could have realized the ball’s historical significance at the time” Evans throw the ball into the crowd.  The Rams went on to beat Brady and the Bucks 30-27.

Anyone in the Berkshires Placing a Bid on TB's Football?

Ironically unless Brady buys this ball himself, he won’t have his last touchdown ball or his first in his trophy case. Brady’s 1st touchdown was in 2001 to Terry Glenn against the Chargers. Like Evans, Glenn tossed that football into the stands as well. According to Lelands, they sold that ball at auction for the owner last year for close to $429,000.

The Current Bid is $197,991 Placed Last Saturday

The significance of the ball being Brady’s last touchdown pass and a record 86th career playoff touchdown, Lelands expects this ball to go for a large sum of money. Currently, at press time, there have been 13 bids with the current bid for $197,991 placed last Sunday. The starting bid was set at $100,000. The bidding ends on March 12th. Check out the ball and place a bid by clicking on this link to the Lelands “Tom Brady’s Last Touchdown Pass Football.”

There's got to be a Brady fan in Pittsfield, North Adams, or maybe Great Barrington that's ready to bid on this historic football.

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