Snow removal is not just the responsibility of a municipality in Massachusetts, it's also on you as a home owner or vehicle owner.

You'll Get Whacked $200 For This During A Snowstorm in Massachusetts

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Driving with an unsecured load is not just driving around with a mattress on the top of your roof, or a Christmas tree about to fall out of the back of your wagon. Snow and ice are considered unsecured loads.

Police will cite and fine you for heavy snow and ice on your vehicle this winter...

In Massachusetts, police can use a couple of statutes to enforce snow-clearing. Officers can issue a $40 fine for impeded operation if a driver has obstructed windows and a $200 fine for driving with an unsecured load, which can include heavy sheets of snow or ice on a car's roof.

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Heavy snow and ice can blow off your vehicle when traveling and land on the windshield of the person traveling behind you. It can also slide onto your own windshield abruptly blocking your ability to see when applying the brakes too quickly. I've had this happen to me before, it's scary. It's like having your hood fly open and instantly obstruct your view.

It behooves you not to be lazy and remove all snow and ice before driving, or you'll pay in Massachusetts.

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