It was an amazing turnout and a tremendous show of respect as law enforcement officers and members of the public showed up to pay their respects for fallen Massachusetts State Trooper, Tamar Bucci Tuesday.

Killed in the line of duty...

Officer Bucci, who was assigned to the Medford Barracks was killed in the line of duty on March 3rd when her cruiser was struck by a gasoline tanker while she was pulling over to help out a disabled motorist. She was 34. You can read the story that we posted upon the news of Officer Bucci's death, HERE. Trooper Bucci is survived by her mother and her father, two sisters, a step-sister, and a step-brother - and of course by her other family, the 2,000-plus men, and women of the Massachusetts State Police.

The driver of the truck, a Methuen man, was not injured in the accident. He was cooperative and was interviewed by Troopers the next morning.

1,200 troopers and hundreds of others attended...

According to a Massachusetts State Police post on various social media sites, some 1,200 officers, half of which were Massachusetts State Troopers, took part in the walk by at Officer Bucci's wake Tuesday. Several hundred citizens also attended to show their respect and offer their condolences.

This video was posted on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page:


(The above video post garnered more than 4,000 reactions, 300 comments, and more than 540 shares.)


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This video post was on the Massachusetts State Police Twitter page:


The outpouring of emotions was felt on social media. Some of the comments that were made on Twitter by everyday people included...

"Rest in peace Trooper Bucci, thank you for your service."

"God Bless!-Trooper Bucci! #RIP"

"Rest in peace my beautiful friend, I'll never forget you."


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