A Thursday night crash reportedly injured seven people when a car hit a utility pole on Grange Hall Road in the town of Dalton.

A Motor Vehicle Versus Telephone Pole Crash...

According to a post on the Dalton Fire Department's Facebook page, the department was dispatched to the 700 block of Grange Hall Road at around 7:30 PM Thursday for what was described as a motor vehicle versus telephone pole crash with injuries.


Google Maps
Google Maps

(Above: crash occurred in the 700 Block of Grange Hall Road Thursday night)


The crash involved a car hitting a utility pole and a rollover...

Responding to the scene of the crash were the Dalton Police Department, Dalton Fire Department, Hinsdale Volunteer Fire Department, and County Ambulance Service. Four additional ambulances were requested after dispatch told responders that the crash involved a rollover.


Dalton Fire Department Facebook
Dalton Fire Department Facebook

(Above: side view of the single-car involved in Thursday night's car versus utility pole crash, deployed airbag shown)


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According to the Facebook post arriving units found multiple people who sustained injuries.


Dalton Fire Department Facebook
Dalton Fire Department Facebook

(Above: front end damage to the single-car involved in Thursday's crash in Dalton)


The Dalton Fire Department began triage of those who were injured. All parties that were in the vehicle were transported to Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield.

There were no further details made available from this crash. The names of the driver and or names of the victims were not given. There was also no update given as to the extent of the injuries to those involved.

*We will update this article if further information should become available.


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