Every couple of weeks, I am proud and pleased my near and dear friend, Lisa Zarcone checks in with us as she shares the airwaves with special segments on "Let's Talk". There are so many causes that Z lobbies for on a daily basis and last weekend's installment proved to be empowering in nature. Here is an example of what we discussed on her previous appearance:

For starters, Lisa provides us with updates on various happenings that gear towards her all important mission in life. She also serves as The Bay State's Ambassador for The National Association of Child Abuse Adult Survivors with a goal to assist those who cannot speak up as people during this trying situation. Lisa will also focus on the topics of suicide prevention, domestic violence, child safety and mental health awareness.

October has also been deemed breast cancer and domestic violence awareness month, two subjects that require plenty of attention nationwide as both subjects remain a rampant problem. Lisa campaigns each and every day to make people aware of these issues as her compelling stories attract attention nationwide.

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She is also involved in bringing The Hope Squad front row and center as this project would assist schools statewide including here in the beautiful Berkshires. We are happy to report that progress is being made to bring this organization to the forefront as this program is a vehicle to raise awareness for child safety and mental health issues.

Lisa has just completed her second literary accomplishment "The Book of Jo Ann" as she hopes to release this novel by year's end. This is another chapter in her life that she wants to share with the reading public as another stage in her life needed to be known to the general public. Her experiences were not simple and she faced massive obstacles. This book will also serve as a tribute to her late mother.

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"THE UNSPOKEN TRUTH" is her first literary effort and it was through this compelling novel that Z and I established our lifelong friendship. Now you can assist her in making this story number one across the land as you can cast a FREE daily vote in "The Fab Over 40 Contest" Just head to Z's personal website and you can help her achieve this monumental status. Lisa herself IS a survivor of mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. We here at Townsquare-Berkshire are proud to have this courageous woman in our corner as we continue to help spread the word and thank her for sharing these emotional and gripping stories with us.

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You can also catch her daily feature on You Tube which features inspiration and motivation for all. This link is also available by accessing her website as the goal is make everyone that checks in look at life in a positive manner and she recently recorded a segment here in south county as we invite you to check out the end result.

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Lisa welcomes the opportunity to connect with you via social media. Friend her via Facebook, and she welcomes your participation on Linked In and Instagram as these sites also update you on her latest accomplishments and her all-important mission in life. I am SO PROUD of "my radio wife"

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