Massachusetts is known for many things. We're superior in health care and education, plus our sports teams are mostly successful, and yes, the baked bean!

Tourists come from all over to see what Massachusetts has to offer them in terms of an educational getaway, or maybe just to visually experience some cool things.

Have You Heard Of The Paper House?


If you haven't, I can only assume you are not alone, as I've only learned about this place over the last few months.

Rockport, Massachusetts is home to this little gem that is made from newspapers. Yes, I realize that the windows are not made from newspapers, but you get the idea.

The Paper House is a unique home made almost entirely out of newspapers!  In 1922, Engineer Elis F. Stenman began building the paper house as a summer home in Rockport, Massachusetts. 

The walls, the floor, and the furniture are all made from newspapers.  Inside, there is even a paper piano, paper desk, paper chair, and more!  The Paper House has been around for almost a century and is a popular tourist destination for visitors to the area.

Rockport is a quaint little town located on Massachusetts' north shore that one can easily access the commuter rail to get to. It's an ocean town with lots of cool things to do.

The Paper House is open to visitors from the spring season through the fall and has super cheap admission prices you can take advantage of.

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