On July 4 2015, Alexander Ciccolo, an Adams resident, was arrested on criminal charges in connection with collecting a cache of explosives and weapons that authorities believe were in connection with a terror plot. Today, over three years later, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison in U.S. District Court.

The FBI and U.S. District Attorneys bill Ciccolo and an "ISIS sympathizer" and believed he intended to carry out domestic terror attacks at public places, in the name of ISIS. Ciccolo was also charged with the stabbing of a nurse with a pen in Franklin County Prison shortly after his arrest. According to Masslive, following his arrest, Ciccolo gave an a video taped interview with the FBI, which featured him praising the beliefs and virtues of the terrorist organization and it's attacks on civilians. In court today his defense attorney insisted that his client has since denounced his loyalty to the group.

In May of this year Ciccolo plead guilty to the 2015 charges, and as part of the plea deal was the 20 years in prison and supervised release for the rest of his life, but this afternoon the sentence was officially handed down.

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