They call him "Jolly Ol' St. Nick" for a reason and today is Santa's day to shine as December 6th has been deemed the feast day of St. Nicholas. Happy name day to Kris Kringle and to all named Nicholas, Nick, Nicki and Nikki.

The origin of this recognition goes back in time as the monikers of Santa Claus and Father Christmas stem from the tale that St. Nicholas was the bearer of gifts for all children worldwide as youngsters who expressed acts of kindness would leave their shoes outside their bedroom OR leaving a stocking atop the fireplace as they would find an assortment of gifts and candy after he made the official rounds along with a humorous anecdote that would put a smile on anyone's face. If you were on the naughty list, a twig or lump of coal was left on your bedside (OH OH! Better be on his "good side")

Many cultures acknowledge December 6th as a major feast day on their religious calendar as they would attend church services. This is a primary day for those who practice The Anglican, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran and Methodist they take the time in paying homage to St. Nicholas. They also see this all-important feast day as a precursor to Christmas (December 25th) which has many similarities.

The best way you can celebrate this religious holiday is doing your part to "pay it forward" as well by showing an act of kindness or by making a monetary donation towards a worthy cause which would help some of your neighbors who are still struggling during these trying times. Your good deed could be handsomely rewarded by St. Nick, himself. 

Join me in wishing Santa Claus a "happy and blessed name day". Remember, he is in the process of making his list and checking it twice, so take some time to remember Kris Kringle on his special day.

(Some information obtained for this article is courtesy of Wikipedia)

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