Just 24 hours after Berkshire County was hit with four to six inches, snow lovers will be happy to know that some more fresh powder is on the way. If you hate the snow, well, I guess you're just plain out of luck this winter.

New Englanders are currently dealing with frigid temperatures that are expected to last through the weekend. The National Weather Service in Albany says an arctic blast tonight into Friday will send temperatures into the low single digits, if not below zero for most areas. Because strong wind gusts will accompany this, a Wind Chill Advisory has been hoisted for much of the area from 10 pm tonight to Noon tomorrow.

After we get through the freezing cold weekend, forecasters are expecting a large nor'easter to dump on southern New England Monday night into Tuesday morning, however, Berkshire County could see far less than the eastern part of the state.

Popular snow prediction blog Greylock Snow Day (which has a track record of being pretty spot-on) is looking at two different possible models for next week's storm.

The first model is the "Euro model" and though this prediction does not show a direct hit for the Berkshires, it still would be a sizable storm. And a 50-100 mile shift northward in the track of the storm would probably double the snow totals you see predicted here.


The second is the North American model, which has the snow blog says has a 50/50 chance of being correct. Here's what it is predicting:


This model shows a possible dry slot for the Berkshires. It pushes the center of the storm further south and east, thus greatly reducing our potential snow totals.

Why such differing predictions? This is what Greylock Snow Day had to say:

"This is the state of modern meteorology. The Euro vs. the North American. The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts vs the Global Forecast System. The ECMWF vs the GFS. For some storms we root for the Euro; for others, we root for the GFS. And it's perfectly okay to change teams from storm to storm"

The Weather Channel is currently predicting a possible one to three inches of snow Monday day, Monday night, and Tuesday morning, combining for a possible four to nine inches in total.


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