We know The Berkshires has it's claim to fame when it comes to the best hot dogs in Massachusetts, but what about Ice Cream?

As so many listeners responded in our Best of the Berkshires Ice Cream Poll, we know there are a ton of great spots throughout the county for everyone's favorite summer treat.  It got me thinking, how did our hometown favorites stack up against the rest of the state?

It turns out a fan favorite that tied for second in our poll, actually landed a spot in the top ten for the Best Soft Serve in Massachusetts, none other than Krispy Cones in Lanesborough. The outdoor eatery spot that offers 122 flavors of soft serve and Gifford's hard ice cream, in addition to their regular food menu, grabbed the number eight spot on the list. Pretty impressive considering it was going up against heavy hitters from all over the commonwealth including summer hot spots like Gloucester, Ipswich and South Yarmouth.

While we locals know there are tons of great spots to grab ice cream in the county, Krispy Cones deserves a big congratulations for representing Berkshire County in a list of the state's best soft serve ice cream.

Krispy Cones



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