For an area so far from the border, Berkshire County has no shortage of Mexican restaurants to choose from and everyone has their favorites.

Only In Your State has decided that their favorite is the International House of Tacos and not only is it their favorite, but they say it's the best in the state.

The Roadside Taco Stand That’s Secretly The Best Mexican Food In Massachusetts

Most of us probably cruise right by those little roadside food shacks without giving much thought to what’s inside. However, this unassuming Mexican eatery tucked away in Western Massachusetts secretly has some of the best tacos you’ll find north of the border.

Only in Your State

The online website which prides itself on sharing gems of restaurants and other travel destinations from all 50 states, lists many reason why the newer taco eatery made the list. Their favorites included the Korean tacos with kimchi and cabbage, as well as the Mediterranean, and Hawiian.

And just like you’d expect from a humble spot like this, everything on the menu is affordable and comes in hefty portions perfect for sharing or solo feasting


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