Not too much excitement happens when I'm shopping at Walmart. Shopping at the retail giant is part of a routine for many including myself. Whether I'm shopping at Walmart in Pittsfield, Westfield, North Adams, or Northampton the most exciting thing that has happened to me is walking away with some new clothes or a set of new dishes. However, it's probably a good thing that not much excitement happens when I'm shopping at Walmart. I wouldn't want to be present in the building when one of those color codes is announced over the intercom.

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What Do The Walmart Color Codes Mean? 

As you may know, Walmart uses a set of codes. A number of these codes are used to communicate from employee to employee while shoppers are checking items off their lists. According to Common Cents Mom, there are four sets of codes that Walmart uses including numbers, letters, a couple of code words, and colors. While most of these code categories don't require the attention of the everyday shopper, there's one category where shoppers will want to pay attention and that is the color category. The color codes are very serious and for the most part, involve some type of potential danger. Here's what each color code means.

There you have it. Hopefully, the next time you're in Walmart you won't hear any color codes come over the intercom but if you do, you'll now know what it means. Let's just hope the most exciting code you hear over the intercom is code 20 (used to let employees know that an employee break is necessary). You can get more information about all of the codes used at Walmart by going here.

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