Members of a western Massachusetts financial institution are the latest targets in a new scam.
The world is full of really good people, unfortunately, there are still some bad ones out there as well. In an age where people have access to others in so many ways, coupled with ever growing technology, scams are on the rise.
The acceleration of the digital transformation resulted in a surge of online transactions, greater adoption of digital payments, and increased fraud. As more daily activities — work, education, shopping, and entertainment — shift online, fraud is also on the rise
According to CNBC, there has been a 61% increase in attacks and scams in the past year, and each year they become more sophisticated in their methods. The news outlet reports that last year consumers lost an estimated $5.8 billion to fraud last year.
As consumers become more educated about the ways scam artists gain access to their personal information, whether via email, text, or phone, organizations are also doing their part to combat illegal activities an protect their clients.
Greylock Federal Credit Union, in Berkshire County, Massachusetts recently issued this warning to it's members:
"It has come to our attention that a number of our members have received calls from someone presenting themselves as an employee of Greylock. THIS IS FRAUDULENT. Greylock will never contact you and ask for your card PIN, temporary access code, Online Banking password, or other personal information.
If someone claiming to be from Greylock calls and asks for this information, DO NOT RESPOND. When in doubt, call us immediately at 413-236-4000 or Toll Free: 1-800-207-5555"


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