When I was a little boy I tried lying to my father. It didn't work. "Why is your face getting all red"? asked my father. "Cuz I lying to you", I replied.

After that, I was told if I lied again, there would be hell to pay!

To this day, I'm a terrible liar. Is it my honest mother's teachings? Catholic guilt?

I have always been fascinated by trying to decipher whether one is telling the truth. I mean, it's fascinating if you think about it. Your own body and brain knows you're full of it when you're lying, so it puts out little indicators for the recipient of your nonsense to pick up on.

A dead giveaway is the classic, RED FACE, blushing if you will. However, a new study is out and it's all about the rate at which you speak when you lie.

Researchers in France found that people tend to speak slower and put less emphasis on the middle of words when lying. If you want to be seen as more honest and confident you should speak quickly and put greater intensity in the middle of a word and drop your pitch at the end. The scientists say the subtle changes in the way we speak are registered by the brain “automatically” and it happens across a number of different languages. -dailymail.co.uk

In my mid 20's I spent some time in the car business. One of the first things my manager told me was "buyers are liars", and I will show you some signs to watch out for.

1. Face touching.

2. They repeat themselves.

3. Pausing before answering.

4. You don't blink.

5. Using phrases like, "Believe Me", or "To be honest".

Do you have a favorite lying indicator? Or one that is a dead giveaway?

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