My cousin who lives in the Boston area recently posted on Face Book about her frustrations with drivers who don't turn on their headlights when it's raining, "It should be illegal!" she said. Ummm, news flash Cuzzo, it is!! I already knew this (then again, I'm quite versed in the laws of the road, i.e. a million tickets) but my cousin was unaware, and I ALWAYS see people driving in the rain without their lights on. It got me wondering, do people just not know?

For the past three years, in Massachusetts, it's required of drivers to turn on their headlights, when the vehicles windshield wipers are deemed needed. Further more, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 85 section 15 also states that headlights should be in use for a half hour before sunrise and a half hour after sunset or when visibility is under 500 feet.

When the law originally passed in April of 2015 the new 'Lights On, Wipers On"  would not only earn you a ticket, but it was also a surcharge-able offense, meaning your insurance could go up because of it. Shortly after the original law was passed, the Massachusetts Senate voted to remove the insurance surcharges related to violations, but it will still earn you a fine.

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