Summer is right around the corner and that means sunshine, warm temperatures, and the end of the school year. While students all over the state of Massachusetts are anxiously awaiting the freedom of summertime, parents are not looking forward to a bunch of bored teenagers taking up space in their house.

While there are plenty of options for youth in the summertime, summer camps, sports clinics, etc, etc, but, of course, all of those things cost money. If you're working on a budget this summer, on fitness chain is giving kids a great opportunity to stay active for free this summer.

Planet Fitness, which has Berkshire County locations in North Adams and Pittsfield, is offering free summer memberships to high school students across Massachusetts. Not only is the club providing free memberships, but students are also eligible to win a scholarship.

The High School Summer Passes are available for teens aged 14-19 and are valid from May 16 to August 31. To sign up teens need to download the Planet Fitness app and have parent/guardian approval if they are under 18.

Once teens are signed up they'll be automatically entered to win a $500 scholarship, one will be awarded in each state, along with one $5,000 grand prize scholarship.

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