One of the world's most famous pop stars filling in for a beloved late-night TV host with virtually no notice?! That's just a sign of the times.

Just 30 minutes before last night's (December 12) Late Late Show broadcast, host James Corden and his wife Julia welcomed a brand new baby girl. Naturally, Corden was out of commission where his typical duties were concerned, and so, he asked an ol' pal for help — Harry Styles.

Yup, the "Kiwi" singer stepped up to the Late Late Show hosting-plate with only two-and-a-half hours notice, but told audiences he was happy to fill in.

“I actually have some great news. Just half an hour ago, James and his wife Jules had a beautiful baby girl," Styles began, before adding that he “was just at the hospital before I came to fill in and [the baby] looks a lot like James — mainly because James looks like a giant baby.”

Styles took a few shots at his own late-night chops, observing  “I was sitting at home two hours ago in this suit, obviously...I got the call Jules was going into labor so James naturally called the funniest man he knew…he obviously wasn’t available.”

Still, he conceded that "This is a one-time thing, unless CBS likes what they see."

Bold words!

Styles was a natural while poking fun at Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who infamously had trouble riding a horse before yesterday's (December 12) special election.

"I don't know too much about hoofed animals, but I'm pretty sure that's an ass," Styles said to laughs and applause.

Corden ultimately thanked Styles for his duties on Twitter, noting "Thank you Harry for stepping in to host the show at 2 and a half hours notice!"

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