With week five under our belts, the NFL season is in full swing.

The New England Patriots continue to roll through their second season with out long time sure to be hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady, but despite the missing GOAT fans are still coming out in full force.

While a day at Gillette Stadium always sounds like a great idea, it can get expensive, fast. Of course, tickets are outrageous and get more outrageous the more popular the opponent.

Outside of Tom Brady's first game back in New England since he left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the next most expensive game at Gillette this season is this Sunday again the Dallas Cowboys. And of course yours truly has just remortgaged her home for the occasion. KIDDING, but still, it ain't cheap.

Besides the pricey seats, surge pricing in near buy hotels and high priced concessions will add to your overall expenses, and of course PARKING. What's a football game without a tailgate?!

Pricing for parking certainly depends on WHERE you want to park. There are plenty of unofficial lots lining Route 1 and the other roads leading to Gillette Stadium which vary in price and distance. There are also a few different "official" Patriots Parking lots on stadium grounds which all open four hours prior to kick-off.

"Stadium Side" parking, obviously the closet to the entrance gate is going to run you $60 bucks.

Reserved pre-paid parking in the other lots will run you $30.

DELAYED EXIT PARKING is FREE, PEOPLE! FREE. If you're going to tailgate before the game and don't mind hanging around for a little bit afterwards, this is your best move. The delayed exit lot will allow people to leave 75 minutes after the game ends. I know that might seem like a long time, but just getting from your seats to the car is going to take 20-30 minutes. If you were in another lot where you could leave immediately you'd still be sitting in traffic for another 20-30 minutes, so at that point, you only have another 25 minutes or so to wait and leave.

So chow down on your tailgate leftovers, talk about how great the game was and enjoy the fact the you beat the traffic and parked for FREE.

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