Political polarization, civil unrest, school shootings, post pandemic frustration, inflation, high gas prices, these are just a few of situations and emotions most Americans are dealing with at this time. I am I wrong?

Now, I will preface this post with the fact that I lean more on the paranoid side, maybe it's my personality, maybe it's a little post traumatic stress since my wife passed in November of 2020, whatever the case, I wouldn't say that I'm always "calm", but this story is a little weird.

It was a typical weekday afternoon when I was doing some errands after work and one of them included stopping by my local bank's ATM. Fortunately, I don't live in a high crime neighborhood nor was anybody around when I entered the ATM, (the bank's lobby was also open).

Hand of man with credit card, using a ATM

About midway through my transaction via the ATM, I saw two kids, probably aged 9-11, in "Jason" style hockey masks with fake knives (they looked real at first) walking back and forth RIGHT outside the ATM's door.

Hockey goalie wearing a vintage goalie mask

They weren't saying anything, but they were hovering. At first, I had to do a double take at what they were carrying, but I did discern that the knives were, in fact, plastic.

As they kind of continued to wander back and forth, I was wondering what they wanted, if anything? I exited the ATM through the glass door and they just stared at me. I walked to my truck and they wandered off down the street.

Now, there is no exciting, wild conclusion to this story; however, in today's world where most people are on edge, it would probably behoove you (even if you're 10 years old) to not hang around a bank in masks with fake knives and stare at people. I am wrong?

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