It's the time of year when many people are tending to their gardens and making their property look as beautiful as possible. In addition to gardens, some people may have their decks, patios, and some rooms in their houses lined with beautiful, healthy plants but keep in mind there are some plants that are illegal to buy and sell in Massachusetts.

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The following is a list of plants that are prohibited from buying, selling, importing, and trading in Massachusetts as they are determined to be invasive. The list is courtesy of (these are the common names).

  • aeginetia
  • African boxthorn
  • African couch grass
  • African feathergrass
  • alectra
  • alfombrilla
  • ambulia
  • Amur cork-tree
  • Amur honeysuckle
  • anchored water hyacinth
  • animated oat
  • Argentine screwbean
  • arrowhead
  • Asian sprangletop
  • autumn olive
  • Bell's honeysuckle
  • Benghal dayflower
  • Bishop's weed; goutweed
  • black locust
  • black swallow-wort
  • border privet
  • borreria
  • Brazilian satintail
  • Brazilian waterweed; Anacharis; Brazillan eloda
  • brittle water-nymph; lesser naiad
  • broad-leafed pepperweed; tall pepperweed
  • broomrape
  • brownbeard rice; red rice
  • burning bush; winged euonymus
  • bushy rock-cress; narrowleaf bittercress
  • Cape tulip
  • Carolina fanwort; fanwort
  • catclaw mimosa
  • cattail grass; yellow foxtail
  • caulerpa
  • coat buttons
  • coltsfoot
  • common barberry; European Barberry
  • common buckthorn
  • common crupina
  • common reed
  • creeping buttercup
  • creeping Jenny; moneywort
  • crisped pondweed; curly pondweed
  • crofton weed
  • Cypress spurge
  • dame's rocket
  • devil's thorn
  • dodder
  • duck-lettuce
  • Eurasian or European water-milfoil; Spike water-milfoil
  • European buckthorn; glossy buckthorn Frangula alnus;
  • exotic bur-reed
  • flowering rush
  • forget-me-not
  • garlic mustard
  • giant false sensitive plant; false sensitive plant
  • giant hogweed
  • giant salvinia; eared watermoss
  • giant salvinia; kariba-weed
  • giant salvinia
  • goatsrue
  • gray willow, rusty willow
  • hair fescue; fineleaf sheep fescue
  • hairy joint grass; jointhead; small carpetgrass
  • hairy willow-herb; codlins and cream
  • horned poppy; sea poppy; yellow hornpoppy
  • hydrilla; water-thyme; Florida elodea
  • itchgrass
  • Japanese barberry
  • Japanese black pine
  • Japanese honeysuckle
  • Japanese hops
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Japanese sedge; Asiatic sand sedge
  • Japanese stiltgrass; Nepalese browntop
  • jointed prickly pear
  • kiawe
  • kikuyugrass
  • Kodo-millet
  • kudzu; Japanese arrowroot
  • Kyasuma grass
  • large gray willow
  • leafy spurge; wolf's milk
  • lesser celandine; fig buttercup
  • liverseed grass
  • longstamen rice; red rice
  • Malabar melastome
  • melaleuca
  • mile-a-minute vine or weed; Asiatic tearthumb
  • mile-a-minute; bittervine
  • mile-a-minute; heartleaf hempvine
  • Miramar weed
  • missiongrass Pennisetum polystachyon;
  • monochoria
  • Morrow's honeysuckle
  • mosquito fern
  • multiflora rose
  • murain-grass
  • Norway maple
  • onion weed
  • oxygen weed
  • pale swallow-wort
  • parrot-feather; water-feather; Brazilian water-milfoil
  • pickerel weed
  • pilipiliula
  • plume grass; Amur silvergrass
  • porcelain-berry; Amur peppervine
  • purple loosestrife
  • red rice
  • reed canary-grass, ribbon grass
  • Scotch broom
  • serrated tussock
  • sessile joyweed
  • spotted knapweed
  • sycamore maple
  • tall mannagrass; reed mannagrass
  • tansy ragwort; stinking Willie
  • Tatarian honeysuckle
  • three-cornered jack
  • tornillo
  • tree of heaven
  • tropical soda apple
  • turkeyberry
  • variable water-milfoil; two-leaved water-milfoil
  • velvet fingergrass
  • velvet mesquite
  • water yellowcress; great yellowcress
  • water chestnut
  • water spinach (Permit required - contact Department)
  • weeping lovegrass
  • wetland nightshade
  • wild blackberry complex
  • wild blackberry
  • wild chervil
  • wild safflower; jeweled distaff thistle
  • wild sugarcane
  • wineberry; Japanese wineberry; wine raspberry
  • witchweed
  • wormleaf salsola
  • yellow floating heart
  • yellow Iris

A reminder, no matter where you live in Massachusetts including Boston, Worcester, Springfield, etc. these plants are illegal to buy, sell, trade, and import.

You can find the list under the scientific names here.

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